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El Kim

She’s the daughter to the duo, happily married to her career to dance, business, & her blog, LIFE ON POINTE. Aside from her dreams of achieving financial freedom at an early age, she wants to continue dancing professionally with a more prestigious company, travel the world and experience different cultures, one day open up her own prestigious ballet academy, and build a family with the right man. Her goals for the near future is to get her book finished and published & coaching materials for dancers out. She is a  strong, no-nonsense woman with a huge heart for people. Fun fact: she loves chicken wings with YardHouse buffalo sauce. 

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Jessica Kim

The mother to the duo, married with three children (in total). She has a passion for business and arts and loves to support people’s dreams and see people succeed. She’s the best support system for her family and friends around her. Her dreams, aside from living in financial freedom, including going on a Europe tour (Specifically to Ireland and Scotland), becoming a fiction writer, seeing her kids’ dreams come to pass, and seeing the end of human trafficking. Fun fact: she’s WILDLY good at problem-solving (literally has a million different solutions for one problem) and yes, she is incredibly passionate, but she’s secretly the most hilarious person you’ll ever meet. 

Business of Sweet Success

This podcast was inspired by the passion for business Jessica & Ellie both had and their excitement for finding new ways to create wealth for sustainable living. In this exciting series of episodes, we hear from businessmen and women in all different spheres of society who are successful at what they do. They have been so kind as to offer tips, knowledge, and education in regards to business and why it may be something for you. 

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