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Leverage: You can use it to your advantage or have be used against you as your worst enemy.

The L word in business is this secret called leverage. According to statistics, 5% of working people have made it successfully as financially fit, lucky enough to qualify as financially free. You want to know what the rest of the 95% do? They make the 5% wealthy. So, what’s the secret the 5% don’t really tell you about?

Leverage. The 5% wealthy, financially fit & free have discovered this magical source called leverage, and they have figured out how to use the rest of us 95% to generate income even as they’re sleeping.

“If you don’t figure out how to make money while you sleep, you’ll work ’til you die.” - Warren Buffet

This statement is so impactful because it’s true. Here’s one particular reason that the 95% of us aren’t where we want to be financially: we are content with working for someone else’s success instead of putting in our own effort to work for ourselves. We have settled making less than what we are worth. We have settled by trading our time & skills for money. But are we making what we’re worth? No. It’s out of the question. If we were making what we’re worth, what our time is worth, then I don’t believe we’d be in such astonishing amounts of debt in our society.

So we have to number one, be willing to sacrifice and do what it takes to make it into that 5% bracket. Number two, we need to be willing to pay the price it costs to utilize this tool called leverage.

What is leverage?

leverage |ˈlev(ə)rijˈlēv(ə)rij|

verb [ with obj. ]

2 use (something) to maximum advantage: the organization needs to leverage its key resources.

That is leverage. And in case you were confused, you qualify as a resource. And look, there’s nothing wrong with working for someone else. Some jobs working for others pay very well and people have the ability to live comfortably. It’s security, a traditional job. But what’s going to happen when that “security” is taken away from under your feet? What happens when your years of dedication suddenly means absolutely nothing to your company and they fire you because of budget cuts? What happens when you get blindsided? You won’t have “security” any longer, which may cause you to work, as Mr. Buffet says, until the day you die.

Leverage is freedom. Leverage is utilizing time management well. Leverage produces more at a possible faster rate. Leverage helps you while helping others. Leverage increases productivity. Leverage is power.

Leverage is the key to your success. There’s no question about it: if you don’t have it and you don’t use it, you will not be successful. Bottom line.

It makes sense: In a Cooperate America type setting, the boss (who makes most of the money) hires employees (who makes substantially less) to do the work for him/her and begins to generate leverage, which generates income. These employees don’t realize they are trading their precious time for less money than they should be receiving, because not only are they trading hours of their time, but rather they are also trading their skills, their talents. You give a lot more into your job, to your boss, than you might think. And if you stay in this same cycle, you won’t be successful at being your own boss. Maybe you know this. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you know and you’re content with staying in that cycle. Maybe you didn’t know and you found the reason you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So how do we use leverage?

Time management. Say you have a 9-5 job and you’re also working your home based business on the side. You need to fit time to learn, research, and work for yourself in the same day you have an 8-9 hour job at your traditional job. How are you possibly going to even find the time to do that AND sleep?

By the way, I don’t care what anyone says: you need sleep in order to be successful at life. Not just business, not just whatever you’re doing. You need sleep in order to be successful at life. So don’t let sleep be the first thing you sacrifice. Instead, sacrifice the time you spend on social media, watching TV, maybe the time you spend with your mates and buddies. Those are all things you can sacrifice. Sleep is a last resort.

In my business, it’s amazing because part of our business is learning and researching and putting in the time and energy into becoming leaders. That’s what our business is about. So while I’m making my long commutes from Los Angeles back to Bakersfield and vice versa, I leverage my time and I listen to the audio tapes. I listen to the audio books because I don’t have time to actually sit down and read a book anymore. I make phone calls to book appointments. To attend meetings, I listen to them recorded. I chat with my Mom (who is my business partner, which is extremely convenient and gives me the ability to time-leverage) if I have any questions. Any administrative work I need to get done I accomplish when I have the time to sit down and look at the numbers.

We accomplish leverage by doing webinars instead of always holding location meetings. It saves our prospects the driving time, the time to get ready, and the time they probably would rather be sitting at home doing nothing by having them just open a link through their email and joining online. We accomplish leverage by having multiple people on our webinars than spending hours of our week doing one-on-one presentations.

The concept of leverage is rather simple: don’t settle, don’t be content with working for the rest of your life, and find ways you can multi-task, even if you are not good at it. I am AWFUL at multi-tasking, I will be the first to admit that. But I’ve grown in it because I had to, because I refuse to sell my time for so cheaply. Now, I can be on a phone-call and send out five text messages at the same time. I can clean my house while listening to audios and books. I can drive and learn and research all at the same time. That’s the beauty of the digital age as well: everything in the world & the world is at our fingertips, and anything we want to learn can really flow through a speaker or headphones.

So leverage your time. Find ways you can do it. Practice now. Trust me: you’ll be kicking yourself as an eighty-year-old working at Walmart after being kicked out of your very good job after serving a 2-8 year college sentence who is still hounding you to pay your debts. No! Find a way out. There is always a way out. Have a plan B. It’s important to have one, for the security and the sake of your future.

“The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living life on your own terms.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blogpost and for letting me share this magical tool with you all. You got this! Go be the boss I know you are.

Peace out!

Hey, guess what?! You can now listen to this blogpost on SoundCloud! Listen to How To Be Your Own Boss Series!


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