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Music. Frequency. Dance. Movement. They all say something without words. It has the ability to destroy and to heal. It's an incredible sensory idea that is hard to describe to someone who is not aware of the realm of sensuality in the sense of being in tune with your senses, but when you get to talk about it with someone who gets it, who gets you, it's something very special.

Very rarely do I find someone I connected with so very intimately over our passion for art, and very rarely do I feel it necessary to share on the blog about my audio episodes, but I want to encourage everyone to watch or listen to #JFFpodcast Episode 3 with @kyleastmusic. See down below.

This woman is not only an incredible musician and singer/songwriter, but she is the epitome of reformation. When you find an artist who is willing to create in the realm of controversy and not give up when people come against them, you have found a true artist. She is a rocker chic (my kind of girl) with a passion for healing people through her music.

In this episode, we talked about so much, it felt like this interview just flew by. This was the first time Kyl and I actually met and chatted, so you're seeing us also just get to know each other on a level that you will not find in any of my other interviews. We hit our creative process in content creation, our journey of recovery with eating disorders and body positivity not only in the realm of body shape, but celebrating our body for everything is does for us. Another interesting topic of discussion was experimentation with sensuality, which brought us into the conversation of discussing the difference between sensuality (the ability to have a strong awareness of the five senses) and sexuality.

If you're an artist who is working on building their identity in their work or someone who is struggling to teach "feeling" and sense and awareness of body in both the form of dance and music, you will love this interview.

Please welcome to #JFFpodcast & LIFE ON POINTE TV, KylEastMusic!

**Disclaimer: please be mindful of the fact that only the video episode is censored. If you are someone watching or listening around children or youth younger than 18 years of age, please be mindful of cursing and content. Thank you!


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