The Update (website & life...)

Finally, a second to breathe and start writing again!

How are all of you? I have missed writing and talking to you all virtually! I finally got a second of "in-between-time" to be able to create some content for you. This was prompted by @debbie.vintage on Instagram, so thank you Debbie for keeping me accountable! You caused inspiration to be sparked in myself to create content. I feel like every there's an update with the website, there's always some sort of update in my life to launch it. In this case, there is a lot I need to catch you up on, including the website! I found the other website to be great, but a little disjointed in terms of flow and simplicity. In this new format, you'll be able to find everything you're looking for much quicker. You can find everything on the channel page as far as videos, podcasts, and the blog. You can also support LIFE ON POINTE in several ways, just check out the support page.

And that's enough of that.

Let's rewind all the way back to March 2019, where I first auditioned for Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre. I had just gotten the email that Natasha Middleton would like to invite me to take company class at the studio. I went and as usual was extremely early. I took every bit of advice I had from my ballet teachers and friends of mine in various ballet companies: don't look like a student, be presentable, and be very warm. I rolled out as much as I could and did a performance oriented pilates mat workout before the class began.

I received a contract the last week of March and the news that I would have to move to LA as soon as April 3rd. I freaked out with having only three days to prepare, as I was going to Carmel California to visit Mr. Pegler for two days. They were some of the best days, not just in terms of dance and leaving my student life behind, but also in the way that it was a very relaxing two days by the beach.

I came back on Tuesday evening just to pack up enough for the rest of the week and left for Burbank Wednesday morning. Rehearsals began that same day and I wasn't a hundred percent sure of what I was in for. I stayed with my grandparents while my hard-working parents helped me figure out where I could stay that was closer to the studio as well as a better suitable place for me for the next year or so. In the whirlwind, I was both grateful and stressed. With such an enormous change from my little world to the real world, I found myself having a hard time to gather my bearings.

After a couple weeks of absolute hell with a job fall out situation and a few other things, I finally chose to settle into the fact that this was now my home. Los Angeles is now my home and Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre is now my company. It's a wonderful place. With my schedule being so rigorous, I found a job in LA with a housekeeping company based in Beverly Hills.

Thankfully, my boss is amazing and told me that my hours are as many as I want them to be and he can create my work schedule based on my personal schedule. So thus started my insane schedule: Monday-Saturday dancing from 9am to 3pm and work from 3:30pm to as late as 10pm. I drive back to Bakersfield on Friday nights to lead prayer at my church and on Sunday mornings to spend the day with my family. It was intense with lots of driving (which, by the way, I discovered I absolutely do not like), but doable and brought in some source of income as being a trainee with a company is unpaid.

On May 19th, we had our first performance of the season called 'Up Close & Personal,' a fundraising & auctioning show for a small audience in the studio. We performed several excerpts from Swan Lake, Le Corsaire, La Bayadere, and debuted three new contemporary pieces that will be once again performed on the big stage on September 8th, 2019. Tickets will be going on sale for that performance soon.

Since then, we will begin starting our rehearsals for our ballet broadway shows coming on October 13th, which many of us are extremely excited for. I will be taking you along the journey in Season 4 of LIFE ON POINTE on the YouTube channel! Some of the episodes have been pre-filmed for my team's convenience, as we have some other projects we will be releasing on LIFE ON POINTE TV soon in collaboration with Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre. I am excited to see where things go this year for myself, my brand, and my journey in the company.

Thank you for reading! I am looking forward to bringing you more content in the near future! If there's anything you'd like to add so I never run out of ideas, please let me know in the comment section down below!

Until next time, this is Ellie signing off. Xoxo

Ellie Kim is a Shiloh Academy Graduate, professional dancer with Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre by day & housekeeper with Sparkly Space by night. She is also the founder of LIFE ON POINTE, aspiring author with a book on it's way to publishing, & on the prayer leadership with Renaissance Church. She currently resides in Glendale, California.


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